A comprehensive exercise program such as Pilates, TRX or weight training can increase bone density, improve proprioception (balance function), decrease fat, increase muscle mass, increase VO2 max index (cardiovascular function), and even elevate mood levels. Whatever your reason for commencing a fitness program all of these and more benefits are yours to realize when you visit our Los Angeles/Hollywood studio. *

personal training

Working-out with a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals sooner, safer and generally with better results than exercising alone at home or at the gym. All workouts are customized for your specific wants and needs taking into consideration present levels of fitness and health. Scroll down and use contact form to request a free trial private session.

group fitness classes

These small group fitness classes (4-6) people are designed for fast weight loss, body hardening and maximum conditioning. Done in a high intensity format utilizing various exercise protocols such as weight training, TRX, boxing, etc. Better yet, schedule yourself for a free class and try it for yourself. Click here for fuller description. 


On your first visit our personal trainers will complete a health history, exercise history, goal profile, strength test, flexibility evaluation, posture exam, and if you wish: weight, tape measurements, and body fat test.


Functional activity speed and strength trained resistance. This is our proprietary system designed for the fastest weight loss, muscle hardening and total body conditioning. This is everything plus the kitchen sink. No two workouts the same, no plateaus, no bull. *

Weight Training

Using free weights and machines, our personal trainers incorporate various protocols depending on the desired goal such as: circuit training, burnouts, supersets, super slows, and pyramids. Mixing these techniques at appropriate intervals can keep the results coming. 



Many of our clients have realized excellent results from this system of Eastern and Western exercise techniques created 80 years ago by Joseph Pilates. Pilates focus on movement, alignment, and efficiency will strengthen without bulking, tone and tighten without binding . Our "Reformer" workouts can improve posture, muscle tone, flexibility, and core strength. *


Kick Boxing

Taught as a one on one boot camp this is one intense whole body conditioning program. Not only will you learn and utilize real technique, but it will be done at an ever increasing pace. Punching, kicking, medicine balls, stability balls, lunges, squats, push -ups, heavy bags, focus mitts, double ended bags -- get the idea? The confidence boost is free.




All of our programs leave room for comprehensive stretching routine. Flexibility must balance with stability. We will use active, passive, static, dynamic, and PnF stretching to enhance your flexibility.






Burst Training

Studies show that high intensity exercise burns up to 3 times as much fat as more moderate exercise. Our head trainer has designed a program to take full advantage of this using short duration explosive movement techniques on heavy bags, sprinters drills, and track and cycle sprints for upper and lower body. *




Functional training is the best way to enhance sports performance. Weight lifting or a running routine alone do not increase dynamic sport specific strength. A boxer shouldn't train like a tennis player and a golfer shouldn't train like a baseball player. Different sports require different strengths and abilities and therefore different training. Whereas weight lifting and running can give you some crossover benefit, refined ability necessitates the use of dynamic movement in the proper plane motion for each sport. Strength, speed of movement, alignment, balance, flexibility and coordination are all components of athleticism.

There are never any crowds, waiting for equipment or difficulty finding parking at Ultimate Health. We have a completely controlled environment where you may come, play your own music if you wish and exercise in privacy. We are a by appointment only service. Free parking.