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Mickey B.


I started working with John a little over two years ago after having a Pilates trainer for a few years. I was already  in pretty good shape but wanted to change my work out style and get more lean but still have some muscle. I can't believe in 6 months I lost about 20 pounds and I've maintained this weight since I've since been working with him.* My weight and waist size are what they are when I graduated high school ( and believe me, that was a while ago!) I'm also more muscular too, not like a body-builder but like an athlete. Even my back pain has gone away which I still had when I was doing Pilates. 
John just seems to have a lot of common sense when it comes to working out and diet. I would rate him the best trainer in Los Angeles. *


Heather B.  


I cannot say enough great things about personal training with John at Ultimate Health! I have never met someone who is so knowledgeable on personalizing workouts for each client.

I began going to John for training at the beginning of the 2013 summer. I have had knee pain since before two knee surgeries 12 years ago. When the surgeries didn't alleviate the pain, I went to trying everything else: from months of expensive physical therapy, to daily medicine, stretching, exercises at home, everything. Nothing seemed to work...until I found John.

After just a month or two of going to John for training, I felt less pain than in the past 15 years.  On top of making my knees feel better, I lost almost 10 pounds in those first few months, completely tightened my body up, and improved my eating thanks to John's guidance.*

In the past year my body has transformed, and coming to John and Ultimate Health has become an extremely important part of my life. I've never felt better, and I've never had so many compliments! I feel motivated, I love that it's in a private setting, and I love the variety of workouts I get (weights, kickboxing, etc.) It's amazing how strong my body has become, and how much more I can do with my improved knees.
I've referred several friends and each is just as happy as I am. *

I highly recommend Ultimate Health for personal training to anyone and everyone! 


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Approx. Appointment Date: June 25, 2012
Use this Provider Again: Yes

Description of Experience: Wanted to write an update to my previous review.  I started training with John because I needed to lose weight.  I've been working out with John for over 1 year now, 3 times a week, just renewed for another 20 sessions.  It is absolutely great!  I've lost 60 lbs. * I am much healthier and physically fit than I was before.  John is an awesome individual and trainer.

Member Comments: Everything has been going great.  I see John one-on-one at his personal, private gym three times a week.  As another member mentioned, John uses a variety of training methods--weights, kickboxing, circuit training, etc.  He is educated, trained, and experienced; he knows how to get results. John is motivating and encouraging, and his workouts are positive and fun.  I highly recommend him! *


Member: Robert Fleming
Category: Fitness - Training
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Approx. Appointment Date: May 01, 2012
Use this Provider Again: Yes

Description of Experience: Was looking for a personal trainer to help me get into shape.

Member Comments: I've been working out with John at Ultimate Health for a couple of months, and am very pleased with the outstanding job he's done.  He's helped me lose weight and build muscle, and I feel better than I have in years!  * The workouts can be challenging, but that's the whole point, isn't it?  I really like the way he mixes the workouts up -- on various days, we do weights, kickboxing, circuits and (my least favorite activity -- even though I know it's great exercise) shaking these huge, heavy ropes.   John's a knowledgeable trainer, incredibly personable, reliable, and a pleasure to work out with.   I highly recommend Ultimate Health! *


Updated - 4/27/2012
I've been training with John for nearly a year.  So far, I've lost 60 lbs and several clothing sizes. * I am in much better shape physically (and mentally) than when I began.  He has the education, certifications, and years of experience creating  personal nutrition/diet and training plans for each client.  He knows exactly what he's doing, what's safe, what's healthy, and what works.  He's helped me make sensible and sustainable life changes.  His gym is private and spotlessly clean.  He's motivating, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor.  He knows how to get more out of you than you could by yourself.  I highly recommend John; he is absolutely awesome! * 


Member: Doug Dawson

Category: Fitness - Training
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Description of Experience: I have been going here for about 3 years. I go three times a week.
Member Comments: I do a warm up and stretching. I do a combination of free weight training, machines and resistant training. I started because I had back problems. My trainer John is so motivational. It is easy to work out there. It isn't like a normal gym it is a one on one session. I have an appointment with him 3 times a week. My back is great. I see the benefit. *

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Sylmar, CA

I am writing this review after having three training sessions at this place. John is very fun and knows his stuff. I think he mostly does half hour training sessions that are really specific to your level. I never know what to expect from personal trainers, since some of them are like not motivators or some are too hard or think they're the new Jillian. John creates a personalized training session that felt just the right amount of hard. Totally friendly, not intimidating, and down to earth. OH and his gym is really nice, and a good
combination of all kinds of fitness gear from balance balls, to boxing equipment. I would recommend this trainer if you're nervous about personal training. *


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Approx. Appointment Date: April 01, 2010
Use this Provider Again: Yes

Description of Experience: Weight training, cardio, pilates, kickboxing, ab work, diet -- I signed up for two personal training sessions per week with John over the span of several months with the goal of losing some weight. Progress has been slow-going but that's not for lack of trying on John's part. He really understands the body and metabolism and puts emphasis on proper diet as well as physical activity. Ultimate Health is a private facility so you always train alone on pretty basic gym equipment. It's a no frills kind of place and he's been in business over 18 years.

Member Comments: John is an experienced trainer who knows how to take it easy on those who don't work out all the time or are new to regular exercise. He has a good understanding of the body and how to hone in on certain areas that need improvement. His facility is private so there's never the embarrassment of having people stare at you as you're working hard. He can be gentle or tough, depending on what the client is looking for in terms of training. The only con to his method is that he can be overly chatty. Those who want to focus solely on the work-out might find that distracting. But his biggest pro is the price, especially on the 20 visit special. * 


★★★★★Great results
by subthermal at Citysearch  
July 18, 2009
John is a great trainer, and helps me stay motivated. every gym membership i have had has resulted in me giving up after a month or even weeks. I've been seeing John for a few years - i'm healthier, look better and he puts enough pressure on to keep me coming back and doing well without every coming across like a 'drill sgt' which is what everyone THINKS they want, but i can tell you that at 8am, i love having someone push me hard while we talk about the latest news. *

Pros: Very flexible, keeps me focused
Cons: none


★★★★★Wonderful Trainer
by tbaela at Citysearch  
December 23, 2008
John is truly amazing. I had never exercised in my life before and now I'm hooked. He is incredibly knowledgeable about his area of expertise. He's always pushing but never pushes you farther than you can go. He works with you...I have a bad back and it hasn't hurt once after a session with John. * It's great having the machines and the trainer to yourself. He also makes it fun and you end up looking forward to exercising. It's amazing to me how much more I can do than when I started. If you truly want to get in shape it's time to put your money where your mouth is and start working with John. If you've never exercised or you're an athlete you can't go wrong with Ultimate Health.*


A Yahoo! Local user
Posted on 11/09/06
Great trainers knowledgeable, motivating and dynamic. I loved the constantly evolving exercise routines. Spotless facilities and no waiting. And you should see my golf game. *

Joined 7 years ago
February 05, 2005
Ultimate is RIGHT!. At first you may think the place is hidden but there is security parking. The motivation, personal and individual care offered by John makes me feel special. Every client is assessed for their own… *


* Results are individual, varied and not a guarantee.